Bali United Recruit Steven Imbiri

Bali United Recruit Steven Imbiri

Bali United look very serious look at the second round of League 1 competition Agen Sbobet.

This is evidenced by recruiting a new player to strengthen the team Seridian Tridatu in the second round later.

The new recruited player is Steven Anderson Imbiri. Steven Imbiri is a player born in Kaimana, West Papua.

The player born in 30 April 1987 has ever strengthened several clubs of Indonesia League, including PSIS Semarang, Persiba Bantul, Persiram Raja Ampat, and become part of Persela Lamongan team at ISC 2016.

Steven Imbiri also had a career in Malaysia by strengthening MIFA FA Malaysia.

Finally, Steven Imbiri had time to play for PS TNI in the first round before finally joining the squad besutan Widodo Cahyono Putra in this second round.

The CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, said his club officially signed Steven Imbiri during this second round.

He also said the recruitment of Steven Imbiri is indeed a result of coordination with the team of Bali United coach.

“Yes, Steven Imbiri officially joined in Bali United with the duration of the contract until the end of this year’s League 1 competition. Steven Imbiri’s recruitment is based on the needs of the team coach in the second round later,” said Tanab Yabes.

Meanwhile, head coach of Bali United, Widodo Cahyono Putro, also gave the reason to recruit Steven Imbiri in the second round of League 1.

Called Yabes Roni and Miftahul Hamdi to strengthen national team U-22 Indonesia makes him want to add players with winger position.

“We want to anticipate the joining of Yabes and Hamdi to the U-22 national team by bringing Steven Imbiri.I’ve been quite familiar with his style of play since previously working in 2014. Hopefully Steven’s adaptation process is fast,” said coach Widodo.

Steven Imbiri is a player who plays as an attacking midfielder and can also operate in the wing sector.

Steven Imbiri had stolen the attention of the Indonesian soccer public during the 2014 ISC competition event.

At that time, he successfully scored two goals dramatic Persela Lamongan victory over host Mitra Kukar.

Steven Imbiri also had costumed Indonesia national team in 2014. At that time, Steven played twice for the Garuda team.

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