Wagner Pleased With Huddersfield Transfer Market

Wagner Pleased With Huddersfield Transfer Market

Huddersfield Town tactician David Wagner says he is now satisfied with the transfer of his side’s players this summer.

Where, a new face in the desired after a promotion to Luga England 2017-2018 successfully brought in on time to St. John Smith.

Even the sense of happiness is increasing because David successfully brought the services of Florent Hadergjonac which for him is right to strengthen the position of right-back The Terrires.

“I think now we have a compact group with players in every position and from my point of view, I am very happy,” David Wagner told the media.

“I’m very happy with what we’ve got so far.

“In the right-back position is not so satisfying during the summer and we are very happy that Florent has been able to bring.”

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