New Regulation Make Players Indonesia Difficult to Play in Malaysia League

New Regulation Make Players Indonesia Difficult to Play in Malaysia League

A number of major changes have been terminated the Malaysian Football Federation (FAM) tied to the regulation of foreign players playing in Malaysia’s top competition. The clubs that competed in the Super League and Premier League can use a maximum of five foreign players since next season.

Reported from Goal Malaysia, the announcement of the addition of foreign legion quota announced directly by the President of FAM Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim. One of the non-Malaysian players who play next season should be taken from ASEAN or AFF regional countries.

Foreign players from AFF regional countries are required to have 30 caps or more with the national team. FAM wants their new regulation to improve the quality of the club’s club games to be more attractive.

Not only does it add to the quality of the competition, the addition of quotas of foreign players is expected to increase commercial profits in the conduct of domestic football.

“The plan is suggested by our new sponsors: There are interested sponsors who have stated their opinion.When we apply the ASEAN players quota, the number of viewers will increase for this competition,” said Tunku Ismail in a press conference introduction of the new Super League trophy on Wednesday (20 / 9).

This season, Super League and Premier League teams can only bring in four players. The quota is already one player from Asia.

According to Tunku Ismail, who is also chairman of the Malaysian league competition (FMLLP), more and more spectators are interested in coming to the stadiums and the more money turns. And if the value of the league increases, the competing teams will also benefit from their earnings that season.

“I do not want a dime going into the FAM, I want to be entirely accepted by the club.My dream is to see the Malaysian club receive 6 to 7 million Ringgit annually.If in the first year can not meet the target of 6 to 7 million, I hope we can get 4 million Ringgit for the Super League and 2 million Ringgit into the Premier League, “said Tunku Ismail.

This new rule will obviously be a stumbling block for Indonesian players who want to try out the competition outside Indonesia. Like Evan Dimas for example, who was rumored to be the target of Malaysian club.

Evan recorded just 10 appearing with senior national team. While U-22 national goalkeeper Staria Tama who performed brilliantly in the SEA Games in 2017 also just played once in an international trial against Puerto Rico last June.

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