Sriwijaya Browse the Power of PSM Makassar

Sriwijaya Browse the Power of PSM Makassar

Sriwijaya FC actively clean up before facing PSM Napier at Gelora Stadium Jakabaring, Palembang, Sunday (17/09/2017). Laskar Wong Kito’s training menu has improved in the last few days.

All for the sake of ending bad performance. Sriwijaya suffered defeat in the last two League 1 match with Persib Bandung beat (1-4) and Barito Putera (0-2).

“Surely there is no team that wants to lose, in the game we will definitely want to win, as hard as we have to do our best,” said Sriwijaya coach Hartono Ruslan.

Coach from Solo, Central Java, it claimed to have learned the power of PSM. According to him, coach Robert Rene Albert team has an advantage in organization and solid in defense.

Not only that, PSM has a strong midfield thanks to the presence of two foreign legions, Marc Anthony Klok and Wiljan Pluim.

“The teams we are facing are strong, they have very good player material, they are always a mainstay in the distribution of the ball to the opponent’s defense,” he said. “But, there is no team that has no weakness,” added Hartono.

Sriwijaya actually benefited because Clok would be absent due to the accumulation of discipline. However, Hartono did not regard it as a weakness. He considered PSM has prepared other strategies without the presence of a flagship player.

“We do not look at the opponents of one player, we see the team’s collectivity, although on the other side there is a player absent, it does not mean we can be easy to win,” added Hartono.

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